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Literary Studies

PhD Programme in Literary Studies

Coordinator of the Programme: Dr. Jerzy Franczak, PhD, Associate Professor

Office Hours: Wednesdays, 15:00-16:30, MS Teams 

E-mail: ,

Doctoral School in the Humanities – Literary Studies

The PhD program offers the opportunity to explore Literary Studies at an advanced level and supports young academics in preparation of their doctoral theses. It offers a combination of personalized courses of study and different forms of close interaction with faculties, with the wide array of intellectual and scholarly activities. Professors of the Faculty of Polish Studies and Faculty of Philology od the Jagielloniam University are ready to share their expertise in a wide range of research interests, such as history of national literatures, comparative studies, poetics and literary theory, literary criticism, literary anthropology, sociology and philosophy of literature. The PhD programme is designed to take four years. Doctoral students pursue an intensive and individualized course of study. The classes are designed for relatively small groups, consisting of several students. All of our courses are designed as workshops or seminars, aiming to broaden the knowledge and the skills of entrant scholars pertaining to:

a) methodology of the contemporary humanities, especially literary studies
b) academic skills, including planning and efficient implementation of research, as well as presentation of the results (including academic writing).

During their academic practice (60h) supported by a methodological course, the students will be able to gain academic teaching competences. Apart from that, the DSH program offers specific courses devoted to efficient strategies of receiving funding from external sources (grants). Given that the DSH program aims to prepare young scholars to enter the professional academic environment, the students should spend one year abroad (or at another domestic university), conforming to the standing (or future) agreements on academic cooperation and/or exchange.

The participants of the DSH program will receive various benefits from the Jagiellonian University, including (among others): a scholarship throughout the entire program, Jagiellonian University affiliation, access to the university’s facilities (including the libraries), the ability to participate in the international programs and staff exchanges, as well as query and conference funding.

PhD Students

Jakub Antosz-Rekucki, M.A.
Sebastian Brejnak, M.A.
Piotr Konecki, M.A.
Przemysław Koniuszy, M.A.
Krystian Piotrowski, M.A.
Karolina Ples, M.A.
Zuzanna Sala, M.A.
Michał Sawczuk, M.A.

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