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Interdisciplinary and Cross-Domain Programme


Coordinator of the Programme: Dr. hab. Krzysztof Kowalski, Associate Professor

Office Hours: with the previous email contact.



Interdisciplinary and cross-domain PhD Programme is for those who are interested in multidisciplinary research, specifically in human sciences. The Programme enables access to researchers from the different Jagiellonian University units, very flexible schedule, and possibility to get PhD from one of the human science discipline.

In 2019/2020 two PhD Students were enrolled: Mariusz Maziarz, MA and Karolina Wiśniowska, MA (both have scholarships financed from the ERC Grant, Principal Investigator: Dr. Tomasz Żuradzki from the Institute of Philosophy at Jagiellonian University. More details you may find here:

In 2020/2021 five PhD Students were enrolled: Aldona Pikul, MA, Zuzanna Ogorzewska, MA (both in cooperation with POB Heritage, ID.UJ), Marlena Nikody, MA (Prof. Roma Sendyka, PhD grant), Julia Golachowska, MA, and Magdalena Ubysz, MA.

Doctoral candidates may conduct their doctoral projects at six faculties of the Jagiellonian University.  Each candidate indicates the faculty in which they are conducting research through their supervisor.

The aim of the programme is to enable the  development of projects which break with well-established research patterns and paradigms, thanks to collaboration with great minds from within and outside the Jagiellonian University. The expected outcome is an outstanding doctoral dissertation, likely to be internationally acclaimed, which will qualify the author to pursue research career in academic or other research-oriented institutions after obtaining the doctoral degree.

The Interdisciplinary and Cross-Domain Doctoral Programme is aimed at candidates who deal with interdisciplinary issues in their doctoral projects or wish to pursue them within a number of methodological paradigms. The main features of the programme are flexibility and responsiveness to the research needs of the candidate, who can take full advantage of collaboration with researchers from different departments of the Jagiellonian University as well as experts from outside the Jagiellonian University.

Mariusz Maziarz, MA - Supervisors: Dr hab. Tomasz Żuradzki, prof. UJ

Marlena Nikody, MA - Supervisors: Dr hab. Roma Sendyka, prof. UJ

Zuzanna Ogorzewska, MA - Supervisors: 

Aldona Pikul, MA - Supervisors: 

Karolina Wiśniowska, MA - Supervisors: Prof. Wojciech Załuski, Dr hab. Tomasz Żuradzki, prof. UJ


From 1st of October of 2021 Jagiellonian University Doctoral Schools in the Humanities and in Social Sciences joins UNA HERITAGE PhD CONSORTIUM PROGRAMME enables the best candidates to complete double degree within UNA EUROPA agreement framework.  Read More o

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Doktoranci programu

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